Adah Sharma, the talented actress fresh out of the blockbuster success of “The Kerala Story,” is not just known for her on-screen prowess but also for her unwavering love and compassion towards animals. The film “The Kerala Story” has achieved a milestone as the highest-grossing female-led film to date, adding to Adah’s already impressive career achievements.

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A true animal lover, Adah has been actively involved in advocating for animal rights and welfare. Her social media platforms are filled with heartwarming videos and pictures featuring elephants, dogs, cats, and other animals, showcasing her deep bond with them. As a devoted vegetarian, Adah is also a proud brand ambassador for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and actively collaborates with other animal charities.

Recently, Adah took to her social media to make a heartfelt appeal to the Prime Minister of India. She urged her followers to join her in raising their voices for the voiceless beings – stray animals. In her powerful message, she emphasized that animals might communicate in a language different from ours, but they feel pain and emotions just like us humans. She highlighted the urgent need for action and change in the existing laws to protect these innocent creatures.

Adah’s appeal focuses on bringing attention to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) amendment bill during the Monsoon Session of the Parliament. She expressed her concern over the current fine for animal cruelty offenses, which is shockingly meager at 50 rupees. Adah rightfully questions whether the life of an innocent animal is valued so low. She passionately argues that imposing significant fines for such heinous acts will deter potential offenders from committing acts of cruelty.

The actress draws a crucial connection between violence towards animals and its reflection in society. A society that fails to protect and respect its animals is one that can breed violence and apathy. Adah’s appeal is a heartfelt request to the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and Parshottam Rupala to take swift action in amending the PCA bill and strengthening the punishment for animal cruelty. Her advocacy work aims to make a significant impact on the lives of countless stray animals in the country.

Apart from her dedication to animal welfare, Adah Sharma continues to make headlines for her diverse acting choices. Known for her action-packed roles in the “Commando” franchise, she is all set to take on the international stage with an upcoming project where she will portray a female superhero. Additionally, fans can look forward to seeing her lead in the second season of a highly popular web series, along with two more exciting big film announcements on the horizon.

As an actress, an animal lover, and a passionate advocate, Adah Sharma’s actions and appeals are truly inspiring. With her incredible career trajectory and her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact, Adah remains a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry and the world of animal welfare.

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