Adah Sharma Stuns as She Walks the Ramp for Sanjukta Dutta’s “Sapoon” Collection at

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Actress Adah Sharma, known for her striking presence and unique style, made a captivating entry at Lakmé Fashion Week (LFW). She walked the ramp in a resplendent gold sari and choli duo, adorned with a lush corsage on the shoulder, as she showcased Sanjukta Dutta’s latest collection, “Sapoon.”

Sanjukta Dutta, a prominent Indian designer, unveiled her “Sapoon” collection at LFW in collaboration with the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI). “Sapoon,” which means ‘dreams,’ was a captivating blend of elegance and style, combining traditional and contemporary elements to create a compelling fashion statement.

The collection predominantly featured black as the base color, complemented by a vibrant spectrum of hues. Traditional Indian motifs and prints played a fashionable symphony, adorning ethnic and Indo-western ensembles. “Sapoon” aimed to capture simplicity and style, and it did so effectively, offering a visual feast of stunning saris, ornate lehengas, floor-kissing skirts, and luxurious gowns.

One of the highlights of the collection was the Mekhela Chador, a traditional Assamese attire, which was showcased in various styles. Sanjukta Dutta masterfully fused Indian artisanal elements with Assamese fabrics, elevating the fashion dimension. The designer’s attention to intricate detailing, textures, and timeless craftsmanship was evident throughout the collection.

Adah Sharma, who graced the ramp as the showstopper, was thrilled with her experience. She stated, “Walking for Sanjukta Dutta was a delightful experience. What’s unique is that this is the first time I’ve ever walked barefoot on a ramp. The saree I am wearing is exceptionally beautiful, and the entire collection is a work of art. I thoroughly enjoyed my time walking for Sanjukta.”

Sanjukta Dutta’s “Sapoon” collection once again highlighted the textiles and crafts of India’s North-eastern region. It presented these elements in a modern avatar that caters to the needs of the global trendsetter with a penchant for timeless elegance. Adah Sharma’s graceful presence on the ramp added a touch of glamour to an already stunning collection.

The “Sapoon” collection represents the designer’s vision of bridging traditional and contemporary fashion, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Assam and the North-eastern region on a global platform. Sanjukta Dutta’s commitment to preserving these artisanal traditions while infusing them with modern style is evident in every piece of her collection. Her innovative approach to design has consistently received appreciation from both fashion enthusiasts and industry experts, making her a prominent name in the Indian fashion scene.

Lakmé Fashion Week, in partnership with the Fashion Design Council of India, continues to be a platform for celebrating India’s diverse fashion landscape and promoting emerging and established designers who push the boundaries of creativity and craft. Sanjukta Dutta’s “Sapoon” collection, with its blend of tradition and modernity, was a testament to the boundless creative potential of Indian fashion. Adah Sharma’s graceful presence as the showstopper only added to the allure of this remarkable showcase.

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