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Actress Simaran Kaur speaks about her new travel show as a host

Actress Simaran Kaur started her career as a voiceover artist. After doing shows like Aggar Tum Na Hote and Aghori, she will now be hosting a new travel show titled India’s Best Resorts on Zee Zest which premiered on 8th January. Throwing light on the show Simaran says,”I believe it is the first time a show like this will be aired on Indian Television. It features the most luxurious and stunning travel destinations in our amazing country. It will capture a diverse experience of vacations that has never been explored by other shows. The best part is I love travelling and meeting new people. I wanted to do a travel show which is different. I want to assure all viewers that this show is a class apart from other travel shows. From North to South from West to central India, we have covered 8 amazing destinations.
Goa, Cintacor, Hampi Chickmanglur, Pench, Gulmarg, Udaipur and Lonavala are the places where we have gone.”

This show is being co-hosted by Harman Singha. Speaking about her equation with him Simaran adds,”He is an amazing co- host, he has so much knowledge about travelling. He has a lot of experience of travel shows. I really learned a lot working with him.” But many times we have noticed that when it comes to travelling we often chose foreign destinations. Why? Simaran shares her point of view in this.

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“I think we have romaticised international locations because the scenic beauty of these places has been shown to us either via movies, TV or social media. After watching our show, people will come to know about these amazing locations in India and I am definite a lot of Indian tourists will choose these very Indian locations for their next vacation. I would say the USP of the show would be stunning properties, scenic natural beauty all around these places, amazing activities. The whole experience of travelling with the crew was so much fun. I got lost in the journey and found myself.”

So what is the criteria of a perfect host to you?

“I think a perfect host is someone who can entertain the audience while informing about the place and all the luxuries that these places offer. A host should be witty, a bit funny and should have a personality that keeps the audience engaged. Most importantly a good host should be a great story teller. If you ask me about my favourite host, I really used to like Ian Wright, the host of lonely planet on Discovery. The way he used to meet new people in new places, it was really heart warming.” The pretty actress who is known for her voice for famous Nobita shares her travel bucket list.

“I want to visit Austria, especially Vienna. Followed by New Zealand. They are both really beautiful places to visit and I would love them to my next travel destination.
I have always loved to travel with my cousins and friends.

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