“Actor Sanchita Banerjee on Managing Busy Lives and the Impact of Technology”

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In the midst of today’s fast-paced lifestyle, managing both career and personal life has become a daunting task for many. Actor Sanchita Banerjee, who gained recognition for her role in “Rakshabandhan… Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal,” agrees that we often find ourselves caught up in the race, whether by choice or circumstance.

Banerjee states, “Yes, willingly or unwillingly, we all are a part of this race. In today’s life where career is given importance, it becomes difficult to manage everything. But my advice is that we should not mix our professional and personal lives. What we do at work should be left there, and when we come home, we have to give our family preference. This is how we can try to manage both.”

She further emphasizes that individuals who claim to be extremely busy and have no time for themselves are often clueless about their actions and lead unplanned lives. Drawing from her own experience, Banerjee suggests that implementing a day-to-day schedule can bring ease to our lives, allowing us to make time for ourselves and our loved ones.

One concerning trend that has emerged is the habit of checking our phones first thing in the morning and before going to bed, which has become a permanent pattern for many.

“I can relate to this situation as well. Whether we accept it or not, we have all become slaves to our mobile phones and social media. We need to change this pattern. We should end our day by reading books and start a new day with devotion, yoga, or exercise,” Banerjee suggests.

Reflecting on the past, Banerjee notes that around two decades ago, when access to modern comforts was limited, life was characterized by more rest and peace compared to the present. She also believes that our tolerance and patience levels have been affected by our current lifestyle, heavily influenced by technology.

“Indeed, twenty years ago, life was peaceful and realistic. However, with technology taking over, we have become more dependent on social media. People spend hours on their mobile phones and laptops each day, which can lead to neurological problems, irritability, intolerance, anxiety, and more. Hence, we must break free from the slavery of mobiles and social media. Technology is a blessing; we must use it wisely,” Banerjee adds.

In conclusion, Sanchita Banerjee sheds light on the challenges of managing busy lives and offers valuable insights into maintaining a healthy work-life balance. She encourages individuals to prioritize personal well-being by setting boundaries between work and personal life, adopting a daily schedule, and reducing excessive reliance on technology. By making mindful choices and embracing healthier habits, individuals can strive for a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

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