A lot needs to be done when it comes to providing a safe social envoronment and workplace for girls : Simaran Kaur

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Actress Simaran Kaur, who is famous for her voice as Nobita’ in serial Doraemon on Hungama channel, shares her view on National Girl Child Day. She speaks about how safe women are in our society, how well they are appreciated and accepted at work place. Simaran says,”I think there has been a lot of progress in this area. We have done a lot of work in educating people how a girl child is as important as a boy child. I believe efforts by the government in this regard has changed the mindset of people and they have started believing that girls can also contribute to improvement of the live of their parents, family and by extension the society. Schemes such as Beti Padhao Beti Bachao and laws prohinibiting pre-natal sex determination have really resulted in a lot of positive change.” She also adds,”On the other hand a lot needs to be done when it comes to providing a safe social environment and workplace for girls. We still hear news of girls being mistreated or harassed in places of education or work.

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To me there are three solutions to this, there should be sensitization programs in schools to teach boys to respect girls and it should be reinforced at each level. Even if parents are not able to instill these essential values in boys during their formative years, schools should step up and take the responsibility to teach model behaviour to students. Secondly, laws should be stricter so as to act as a powerful deterrent to anyone who thinks about behaving in unacceptable manner with girls.
And lastly I think girls need to highlight these issues more and they should not be afraid to report these matters to authorities. All workplaces and educational institues should have a policy for prevention of sexual harassment and women should be leading such societies in offices and institutes. These societies should encourage girls to speak up and report such behaviour.”

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