5 reasons why we love Ankit Gupta in the Bigg Boss house!

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The Bigg Boss house is known for its eccentric fights and superficial betrayals, however, every year there comes a contestant who the calmness in the chaos. And this year, this is none other than Ankit Gupta. Here’s why you can love him or hate him, but you cannot ignore him!

Knows when to talk: Well, the most irritating factor in the Bigg Boss house is the fact that people get into each other’s matters and are continuously talking, or worse, shouting. Ankit is not like that. He known when to stand up and when to stay quiet.

Making friends for life: While it is tough to make friends in the Bigg Boss house, Ankit knows who his friends are. Priyanka Charar, of course, is his best friend in the house, but he has also managed to impress the others. Just recently, we heard actor Shalin Bhanot talk about how Ankit is a great guy. We have also seen filmmaker Sajid Khan as well as actress Soundarya Sharma bond with Ankit.

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Looks absolutely dashing: Ankit is surely a treat to the eyes. Be it his spectacular dressing sense or the simplicity he carries all of it with, Ankit is consistently winning hearts in the looks department.

Extremely loyal: Ankit might not be talking away to glory in the Bigg Boss house, but he is loyal to his friends, specially to his best friend Priyanka. We often see him going back to her and resolving their issues.

Breath of fresh air: If there is anyone who is not talking about adrak and atta in the house, it is Ankit. We have often seen Ankit engage in meaningful dialogue with others in the house. His topics and real and so is the discussion around them.

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