Yuvraj Sing and Hazel Wedding card revealed

Yuvraj Sing and Hazel will soon be beginning a second innings throughout his life as he will be hitched toward the end of this current month.The in vogue left gave batsman will be getting married with his fiancee Hazel Keech. The couple’s wedding card will be a unique one. The batsman and performing artist’s wedding card is cricket and amazingness themed.
The forthcoming wedded couple, Yuvraj and Hazel, have thought of an exceptional term for the cricket and amazingness themed wedding YHPL-Yuvraj Hazel Premier League.
According to reports, the name on the card says, “Yuvraj and Hazel Premier League.”
According to reports, the originators Sandy and Kapil Khurana have left no stones unturned to make the amazing wedding a much more noteworthy one. The arrangements are going all out for the amazing wedding.
“They needed to accomplish something else and fun, so the welcome will highlight them two and there will be a ton of kid’s shows and outlines,” the planners were cited as saying.

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