Youtuber Sejal Kumar got the courage to post a picture in a swimsuit

No One can doubt the popularity of famous YouTuber Sejal Kumar who has more than 1.3 million subscribers on her Youtube Channel. She also has a great influence, every step or product she uses will always get the trend. But still, if you read the caption of her post, you can get an idea-sharing your picture in Swimsuit still is not such easy in India.

If read the caption “finally got the courage to post a picture in my swimsuit (why is this a big deal anyway, it’s just stomach boobs and a butt 🙃) got reminded it is because I just cropped out two uncles who were staring at me 😒 you will get an idea that how difficult it was for her to share her pics on her Instagram. I am sure she would have thing twice before sharing her pics. We all know how much she is active and open on Social media and talking about her family they are also very much open-minded and we have already seen this in her videos.

Now, think of other girls in India who are not so much open on the Internet. They can’t even think of sharing this kind of pics on the internet and all this not because of the family. It’s all about the people and the audience we have on the Internet and society.

It’s 2021 and we have to go so far to get fear less and open enviorment for all the girls in India.

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