Bigg Season 14 - Carry Minati in the list

Will Carryminati be the contestant of Big Boss 14 – Check facts and reasons!

Since Big Boss 14 has taken over headlines, questions about Carryminati are on peak. He is a famous Youtuber and always took Big Boss on as a roasting material. After the rumors of his entry in Big Boss as a contestant shocked everyone. After huge gossips and backlash from several fans, he finally reacted to it. He took his twitter handle to clarify that he wouldn’t be on Big Boss. He also wrote that we should not believe what we read every time. Surprisingly, Bhuvan Bam, another Youtuber, also came in support. He told people that such rumors are not new. Such stories about him joining Big Boss has been circulating in media for the last four years.

Who is Carryminati?

He is the pioneer of roasting video culture in the Indian YouTube platform. He started making videos since the age of 16. At first, he started with a gaming channel that didn’t do very well. Later, he started roasting the cringe contents of YouTube. After the roast of the “BB Ki Vines” video, he got a huge backlash.

Along with it, people also got to know him. He kept making such roasting videos, but his first channel got deleted. With the support of his strong fanbase, he came back with another channel and established his mark. His real name is Ajey Nagar. He is from Faridabad. He dropped his school to give full time to YouTube. This gave him immediately fruitful results. He has been abroad for the interview of Tom Cruise too.

Carryminati TikTok clash

Recently, he had been more famous for his YouTube VS TikTok video. The rivalry went too far, including all the Youtubers from the roasting community. It all started from a challenging clash between Elvish Yadav and Amir Siddique. Elvish Yadav is also a famous Viner on YouTube, but he tried roasting for the first time and targeted top Tiktokers. Then Amir Siddique took the fight to the whole roasting community. Then fans started joining their teams, and it became a big trend soon. Anyway, Tiktok has been banned by the government now. It was a Chinese application.

Carry’s Live Stream

Along with Carryminati, another channel named Carry’s Live is also present on YouTube. He has run various charity streams on the track. Ajey Nagar keeps donating for the severe incidents nationwide and abroad. He contributed to the Australia bush fire. Later, he did a Livestream to donate for Assam and Bihar flood recently. He has always been active in helping needy people. Along with it, he also supports small content creators and appreciates them.

YouTube has been a top-rated and leading platform recently. Many people have chosen it as a career and are happy to do so. Still, millions of new talent added to the platform. They all need support and encouragement. Fans of prominent creators should keep checking on new skills as per their interest. It is free to all platforms, which had made several curiosities set their fame.

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