When Sayonee director Nitin Kumar Gupta shot with real pythons and live explosions in Subzero Russia!

Director Nitin Kumar Gupta’s upcoming film Sayonee will be hitting screens soon. The film has been shot in Russia and was an amazing experience, says Nitin. "One advantage of filming in Russian territories is that the freedom in their filming laws allowed us to push boundaries beyond what is possible in India. One sequence had dancers in a strip club snuggling real pythons. I had to coax the Russian dancers and hug the python myself before they agreed to do it!" he says!

That’s not all! "We used real machine guns and ammunition for all action scenes. In fact, I went beyond that and used real explosions that our actors had to run through. I hired a military training ground for the sequence. Of course, the pyrotechnic experts there made sure everyone was kept safe but we can’t imagine filming a similar sequence in India!" The action was real too, says the director. "Other sequences had our hero storming through a mansion and taking down the mafia in a hand to hand combat underwater in a jacuzzi. In the subzero weather, even the crew members wanted to get in the steaming jacuzzi!" he exclaims. The film stars Rahul Roy in the lead role and will be releasing on the 18th of December, 2020.

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