Vulgar and foul-mouthed content sell easily on social media: Rohit Choudhary

Actor, producer Rohit Choudhary is an active user of social media. Though he feels that the platform has given an opportunity to people even in the remotest area to showcase their talent, he stressed that indecent and x-rated content gets more attention.

"These days mobile is in everyone’s hand and it has given people access to social media. People have easy access to information about anyone, be it micro-celebrities, actors, sports personalities. Earlier, we used to get information through TV, but with time it changed. Also, it has provided a platform for millions of people to showcase their talent. If they are lucky and the audience loves them, then they become a bigger star," he said.

"There are two types of people who post content on social media. First is the knowledgeable ones, who post good content which can help us, the second type is the nasty ones, who post anything and everything just to get likes. I feel that social media has become more popular because of the second type of people. Vulgar and foul-mouthed content sell easily on social media. You can see that if there is sexual content on social media, it gets more likes, more views, and more comments, making it more popular," he added. Though the "Aamdar Nivas" actor confessed that he spends close to an hour on social media, he believes that people get easily addicted to it because many think of it as a source of income.

"I spend half an hour or forty-five minutes on it. But, I really feel it has become a big addiction because it has also become a source of income for many. People are getting paid for posting content, so anyone and everyone is making their channel or posting videos in the hope of earning some extra bucks," he said. "People get attracted to the name and fame from social media and they look at others who are making money from these platforms and want to become like them. And that’s where they get addicted," he added.

Rohit emphasised that the platform has definitely brought celebrities close to the audience and their fans, but he feels that celebrities sometimes overdo it. "What a celebrity is doing, what are they wearing, where they are going, earlier we had to wait till all these things came in a paper or TV, but now with the help of social media, we can get to know anything and everything about a celebrity. From their upcoming movies to their holiday destination, etc. their fans know everything. I think social media has proved really beneficial especially to celebrities," he said. "But celebrities really sometimes overdo with their posts. I feel that 90% of the stuff that they post on social media is fake. I feel from their look to what they write, it’s all filtered. There might be some who are putting their real self out there, but most of them are fake," Rohit concluded.

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