Directors have no boundaries of Censor Board – GUNS & THIGHS Official Trailer


There was a time when a simple Kiss became a issue to get certified from the censor board and director have to cut their scenes from the movie to get certified from censor board. Many of the Director’s shown their anger towards Censor Board and they always complaint that Because of the Censor Board they are not able to convey their message exactly in a same way they wants to show on screen. Its not only about the Nud*ty but about the language and cinematography of the film.

Now time has changed and Director’s are getting more leverage on the Censor rules and in last few years we have many movies got certified from censor that could not be in before Year 2000 like Great Grand Masti, Mastizaade, One night stand etc. But Still when its come to Nud*ty or S*x censor board is strict and they are not allowing these scenes directly. Because of this some time when any director wants to make a movie where story demands these scenes gets into a trouble.

Ram Gopal Verma found a way to bypass all these censor rules and he is coming up with or we can say we is going to start a new trend in Bollywood. Few days back RGV released official trailer of his web series “GUNS & THIGHS”. Now a days Web series are become more popular on you-tube many of you-tubers, Channels and now Directors and producers are making web series and the reason for the success of web-series is simply its easily available to any one and There is no Regulatory body like Censor on Internet. Viewers can view what they want and movie makers can show what they want. GUNS & THIGHS is web-series and the story based on the Mumbai underworld ERA. WE have seen many of the movies based on Mumbai Underworld but this time RGV added the Underworld with S*X and Bollywood.

Because of no boundaries RGV crossed all the Boundaries with 100% Nud*ty and crude Hindi word in the scenes like in one of the scenes actress used a line “When all done all men want from women is their vagina” (Not writing in hindi as really Crude) and more similar world or lines. and glimpse of these scenes has already there in the Official trailer that got launched on 26 May 2017. Trailer already got more that 1.7 Million views on Youtube. And this is just a trailer now you can imagine how the original series would be.

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