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Twelve years after the gruesome 26/11, Arjun Bijlani says, horror incidents will always stay alive!

It has been 12 years since the horrific 26/11 attack on Mumbai took place. Today is a sad day for not only Mumbai but the entire country, as our minds go back to the attack and the innocent lives we lost back then. Actor Arjun Bijlani, who was also part of a web series based on the terror attack titled State of Siege – 26/11, says that the attack is something which the country will never be able to forget. “I think this horror incident will always stay alive. It’s been 12 years to 26/11 that a 60-hour siege took place. I think we have come a long way in terms of our security. and hats off to all the soldiers who fight to keep us safe. Right now, there is so much chaos happening in Kashmir but our soldiers are standing up for the nation, whether it’s Diwali or any festival. Whether it’s BSF or the army, both are always at it to stop terrorism,” he says.

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The day is etched in horror in every Mumbaikar’s mind, says Arjun. “As far as Mumbai goes, it’s the financial capital of our country and that day was the most horrific day in everyone’s lives, especially Mumbaikars. We didn’t know what was happening and how it was happening but then when we got to know, it was very scary to think about. A lot of people lost their lives, guests, NSG commandos, policemen and so on. Every year, we remember what actually happened,” he says.

Talking about his hugely successful web series State of Siege – 26/11, Arjun says, “When I did the show, we got to know a lot of inside stories of 26/11 which people didn’t know before this show came, from the NSG point of view. So, I would also urge people today that if they haven’t watched the show, please do. It’s called State of Siege – 26/11 and it’s on Zee5. It pays tribute to the NSG commandos and the policemen who risked everything that day. The show will also help you understand what happened in Mumbai that day, how difficult it was to take the siege under control and neutralize all the terrors,” he says. 

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The actor has been part of many shows where he has played a defence personnel and says that he has always enjoyed such subjects. “In my first big show, Left Right Left, I was an army cadet. Then there was State of Siege – 26/11, which was one of the greatest experiences in my career. I had the best shooting experience. We shot in an IL-76 plane, which was an amazing experience. It was the same plane in which the NSG commandos had come into Mumbai. A lot of memories are coming back today. It’s all over the news everywhere and I think as a country we should stand together when it comes to terrorism,” he says.

He adds, “I feel today if 26/11 is always alive in people’s hearts, then they can be vigilant and strong so that no one can ever think about doing something like this again to our country.”

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