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Trending 5 web series on Netflix to make you escape reality!

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The reality is so bothering nowadays that we all secretly want to escape from it. Netflix has several web series with unique stories in almost all the genre. So what do you need more for entertainment? Check out the list of Trending 5 web series

Trending 5 web series


The latest series on Netflix has made the viewers go crazy about it. Everyone is talking about the masterpiece. The series has three seasons and can be understood separately due to a w plot each time. Many are challenging others that they can’t understand a mystery. Dark 3 has been about several mysterious incidents related to a cave and old thermal plant. The people have been trying to figure out the missing children and it also includes time-traveling into the storyline. So the kind of confusion the series initially generates, adds more suspense to the story. The actors have been great and did absolute justice to their role. You might need a family tree to perfectly understand the series. Jokes apart, it is one of the best and mind-blowing series in recent time.

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Money Heist

Ever wondered about knowing those cunning person who actually plans a robbery? Well, not exactly that but this series has something more for you. The mastermind set behind the writing just deserves an applaud for sure. We urge you et entertained and not inspired. As we all know the genre of the series very well till now, thrill and drama. A perfect combination of patience viewers. Enjoy your day with an extraordinary ending, for example, the money heist web series.

13 reasons why

The series might be revolving around just 13 reasons but we got some more collectively to suggest you all these. First of all, these are much-liked web series by the audience. Brilliant acting of talented actors. Perfect time-pass. Doesn’t require you to go out. You can watch on your condition. A perfect escape of work from home routine. The revival of a bad mood. Will energize you to think differently. Gives you a new perception. New topic to talk and think about. Saves space of several books. You will feel curious. This has three seasons and you will be thrilled to the edge after watching it.


Don’t you want to know those tricky politics going on in the premise of school? We all have to know what’s going on behind the curtain and how astonishing if your mother has been through the same phase. The story revolves around the secret murder of the friend of the lead character in them with a cringe enough theme. In the middle of all the unsolved mystery, the truth appears and things start to relate to each other. They relate in a way that you can pay to w after watching it.

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Sex Education

The series has two seasons and both are connective. So binge-watch anytime for some unknown facts about the taboo topic. Learn more to remove the tag of taboo from it with some pinch of comedy and drama about the different but relatable life incidents of several characters in series.


Ridvik 2020-07-22 at 16:47

My favourite is Money Heist

THAKUR SAHAB 2020-07-22 at 16:49

Any Idea about the Cursed.. I havn’t seen yet.. looking for review

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