Top Celebrity Apologies for 2016 | Hollywood

From vandalizing sacred rocks, to making inappropriate statements on a hot mic, 2016 was the year of celebrity apologies. From Jennifer Lawrence to Hilary Duff, find out which celebs had to say they were sorry.
We are so sorry for 2016 – and some celebs know exactly what we’re talking about.
Back in February, former High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens had to apologize after she posted an Instagram picture of her and her boyfriend’s names carved into a rock surrounded by a heart. Only problem was the carving was locaed in Red Rock Ranger District of Cononino National Forest – and it’s against federal law to damage any natural feature. She ultimately paid one thousand dollars in fines and apologized for her actions.
Everyone remembers when Johnny Depp and his then-wife Amber Heard recorded a bizarre apology video in April for illegally bringing their dogs into Australia. In the 42-second snippet, the couple spoke to the camera about the importance of declaring all animals upon entering the country and urged others to respect Australia’s biosecurity laws. They were divorced 4 months later.
In October Billy Bush had to issue a groveling apology for making lewd comments about women with Donald Trump in 2005 after that famous recording was released when they aboard an Access Hollywood bus. Billy said he was embarrassed and ashamed and said he had no excuse. He ultimately lost his job on NBC.
Hilary Duff learned that dressing up as a sexy pilgrim while her boyfriend dressed up as a Native American for Halloween will put you in hot water. She took to Twitter to say she was so sorry for offending people with her costume and said it was not thought through. She split from her boyfriend a month later.
Jennifer Lawrence issued an apology in early December after she joked about scratching her butt on some sacred rocks in Hawaii. A firestorm erupted on Twitter and some called her racist and demanded an apology. It eventually came, and Lawrence said she meant absolutely no disrespect to the Hawaiian people.

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