Top 5 Most watched Netflix series of all time!

Top 5 Most watched Netflix series of all time!

Netflix and chill are more popular than popcorn and theatre nowadays. Needless to tell you the reason. This lockdown has made people fed up daily life and in such time of boredom, Netflix is the messiah for sure. There is a heap of movies and web series on Netflix. So in this case, the trouble is to choose the best one for you. Well, irrespective of genre preference, we have got some most viewed and liked movies and series for you. The Hindi movies on Netflix are that nostalgia thing because most of our TV channels are stuck on playing the same track again and again. Whereas the new and old web series is something totally different that you can find here only. Let’s start with the Top 5 Most watched Netflix series of all time.

Pati Patni Aur Woh

This made numerous headlines after it’s release and people also liked it. The on-screen couple fit so well together. Their chemistry just came bright in series. The story revolves around a love triangle. The things become tougher when the actor gets caught making up with his secretary. Since then the story takes an interesting turn and keeps you entertained throughout the time.

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Vodka Diaries

This is a crime-related thriller web series to help you refresh the mood. This will conquer you to think deeply about the ongoing situation in the movie. K. K Menon is a phenomenal actor and will surely impress you with his amazing acting.

Sacred Games

The crime thriller has won over every heart. It made the fans really enjoy their time with Netflix. The plot of the story is based on the underworld of Mumbai. It revolves around several characters to connect the story but the audience doesn’t get to know the ending also in season 2. So you will have to be patient with it.

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So here comes the most popular series of recent times in the horror genre. The plot of the movie is really new. The plot is around a bribe who got married at a very early age to an older man. Whereas she thought of getting married to the boy of her age, who was the brother of her groom. She faces lots of torture and ended becoming a phenomenal bad spirit.


This is a thriller story is about a woman cop whose journey takes a U-turn after involving in a case. She finds new things about her and embraces herself more. She roams in the narrow lanes of Mumbai to explore more about the case. Slowly the mysteries get unsolved.

These are the Top 5 Most watched Netflix series of all time and that have been in talks for a really long time. Some even reviewed badly because of the uncertainty in a few scenes. All over, this has been in the top list. The majority of people loved it and recommended others too. Other than these, there are several other popular movies too in a very similar genre that you might find in our other blogs.

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