Time Enna Boss - Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video

Time Enna Boss – Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video

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46 thoughts on “Time Enna Boss – Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video

  1. Great star cast and started watching with expectations only to get disappointed. I still gave it a try until 3 episodes to see if it got better. It didnt. The concept has so much of potential to be a laugh riot. Utterly wasted
    A testimony to how a good star cast still doesnt guarantee good entertainment.

  2. A complete Family Entertainer except for a few Swear words here and there which is a rarity in web series format. Great to see a Comedy web series in Tamil which can be watched with the family. Kudos to Kavithalaya and thanks to Amazon for supporting this attempt. Loved watching it and waiting for the second Season and many more web Series Like these. Kavithalaya has brought the Ramani vs Ramani days back

  3. It's a fantasy comedy webseries…they presented beautifully…kola panrathe paathu paathu paiythiyam aanvangaluku laam siripu varaathu…krishna cottage , Vijay tv small wonder ithu maari China vayasula pathavangluku intha series aruma theriyum.waiting for part2.

  4. To amazon prime, this episode has some issues in first 6 parts, they are not running. After 6 it's running check the issues from Singapore.

  5. Indha kirukku punda yedhukku padam nadikudhunu therila.5 nimisam kuda indha serial ah pakamudila
    Utter flop disaster

  6. This time enna boss series was Amazon,🙀
    The casting was very very good 👍
    I am wighting for next season
    🙏please release it very soon

  7. one star
    hats off to the actors and dialogue Witter for making not even one scene funny in this entire comedy series.u need a separate talent to make this kind of comedy show with no comedy atall.
    very silly and nonsense dialogues 👋

  8. It is an amazing entertainer that can be watched with the entire family.. I watch it with my 6 yrs old son and he thoroughly enjoyed it..don’t get de motivated by the bad reviews

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