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The most loved villain on TV town, Tassnim Nerurkar Sheikh talks about playing Rakhi in Anupamaa

While all actors yearn for their fans to fall in love with their characters, Tassnim Nerurkar Sheikh is thrilled to know that her fans hate Rakhi, her character in Rajan Shahi’s Anupamaa. The actor, who plays a negative character, says that this is the best compliment for her. “The response is so amazing. People are loving to hate me and that actually means that they are loving what I am doing. People are loving the way I carry myself, the accent I have given to this character, the way I speak, the way I give it back to Vanraj Shah since we are having an ego battle,” she says, adding, “People comment and DM me and tell me that they don’t like watching the show if I am not there in the episode. We miss rakhi Dave, we don’t enjoy watching episodes without Rakhi Dave, is that they say. Someone just day before commented on my post saying, ‘I watched the episode just to hear your accent’.”

The actor says that her character is not like other villians, there are some things that she does right as well. “Rakhi Dave looks like a villain while she speaks but sometimes she is correct on her part as she wants the best for her daughter. She wants her daughter to get married to a family of her level. The revelations that were done by Rakhi in a recent episode has got so much feedback. I am getting so many comments saying that as a mother I have justified myself and I am also right. I don’t know what all is loved or liked by the audience in this character but whatever it is, I am very happy about it!” says Tassnim. 

Ask her from where she derives inspiration for this role, and the actor says, “I always add my own flavour to my characters, whether it was Renuka of Kumkum, which was a hard core negative character, or Mohini of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi or whether it was Ek Vivas’s Sindura Mittal. I don’t have any inspiration as such. In this character, I have tried something different like when Rakhi taunts anyone, the tone of the character is different. She talks normally but when it comes to taunts, I make it feel as she is injuring someone with sweetness. In other words, she speaks like a ‘Meethi Churi’ which I think people are liking a lot. She is not afraid of anyone and is straight forward and a very smart character. From day one of her introduction, Rakhi Dave knew that there was something going on between Vanraj and Kavya. Rakhi Dave is also giving it back to Vanraj as he is the one who is harassing almost everyone and no one is able to tell him anything.”

The actor admits that she loves playing Rakhi. “I am loving it. I have added a lot of colour and the flavour from my end and the way writers have developed this character is amazing. The biggest credits for the response behind this character goes to the writers. The dialogue writers and the writers should be given all the credit as the way they have shaped the character is amazing. I am just a pawn who is performing,” she says.

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