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The famous Hollywood actress lost in the lake: Naya Rivera!

Naya Rivera
Naya Rivera
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The shocking incident took place on 9th July at Peru Lake in California. She was enjoying some me time with her beloved son Josey. She hired a boat on the afternoon of Wednesday. Naya lived with her 4-year-old son only and her Instagram is full of their caring pictures. She was on the boat with him and they were swimming in the lake for fun. After the completion of 3 hours when the boat didn’t return to its initial destination. The staffs hurried to them and found Josey in a troubling state. Naya was missing from the boat. Only Josey could make up to the boat and officers are searching for her around the lake. Many believe that she has been dead now. Still, let us hope for her life and pray for the wellness of her son. She is a famous Hollywood actress for a long time. Her musical drama named “Glee” gave her the ultimate recognition and fame. She always used to share her affection for Josey at Instagram captions. Even the last photo on her Instagram account includes her son. Josey was at the centre of her heart. 

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Hassling Love Life

Her love life has been really confusing over the last few years since her first divorce. She was settled to marry the famous rapper, Big Sean. She wore the diamond ring and were settled to marry but later the engagement was broke-off by the rapper. She later ends up marrying her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Dorsey, on the same day fixed for her marriage with Big Sean. She had been featured in the song “Sorry” with Big Sean and gave her solo music presence of the career. The rapper was in a relationship with Ariana Grande but that too didn’t go long way and they broke up after 7 months. She was really hurt about this and wrote this in her book. She also wrote that Ariana had a hand behind the breaking of their marriage. She earlier dated Mark Sailing, the former co-star from ‘Glee’ who later killed himself in custody. He was found guilty of child pornography. The photos and videos of 50000 child porn have been derived from his laptop. The actress said that she was not so shocked by the news because when he left her, she knows something is wrong with him. Also, she said that it was her luck that she didn’t stay long with him. Otherwise, things have been worst now. 

She loved Dorsey and married her back in 2014 but the marriage couldn’t work out. They soon filed a divorce in 2016 but that somehow was taken back. She had a son “ Josey” with him. Later, the actress was arrested due to charges on her of violence with Dorsey in 2017. The actor made sure that she doesn’t get prosecuted and took back the charges. Again, they filed for divorce and this time the judge granted it with discussion over the child custody. 

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