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The 90s queen hits hard at nepotism: Raveena Tandon!

Raveena Tandon
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The industry has been in the fire since the sudden death of Sushant Singh Rajput. The beloved actor left us in a way that no one could have ever thought of. Raveena Tandon recently opens up about the dark secrets of the industry in an interview with Hindustan Times. The thing was extremely agreeable and disturbing at the same time. On one side, where we claim to be the nation of culture and kindness, such cases from the representative of the country, Bollywood, put us on a shame. Everyone expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the brilliant actor. People are demanding a CBI inquiry since a very initial day due to the astonishing facts that come up in light after the Sushant Singh death. Yet nothing fruitful happened about the case. Back to back supporting statements from former celebrities make the situation really doubtful. Still, no one is ready to believe that he is not with us anymore in real. She appealed to the public to not sympathize with the death of the brilliant actor as this might break down the poor souls of the extremely hard working and talented actor. She also shared her experience within the industry and said the incident is like a remembrance of her old wounds.

Bad people of industry and politics!

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On being asked about her views on the heartbroken news of Sushant Singh’s death, she said there are bad people in the industry. She has been a superstar at her time. She started her career with the movie “Jeena Karna Tere Sang” as the co-actor against Sanjay Dutt. She was really famous at that time and the national crush at that time. She once ruled the hearts of youngsters. She worked back to back in many movies and proved her worth. Her success ratio was really high at that time. Most of her movies were super hit at the box office. She got the ultimate fame from “Mohra”. The songs starting her were on the top of everyone’s playlist. Sooner, the headline started forming up about her affairs with Akshay Kumar. She didn’t spend a long time at the top industry and disappeared from core attention really soon. She quoted that there are good and bad people in the industry. She accepted that there is dirty politics in the industry and people plan out to downgrade others. While you are working hard to be in limelight in this time of cut-throat competition. Someone out there is playing dirty games to put you down and waste your hard work. She said “ mean girl” groups, fake media headlines and many more things are there that contribute to this. Some people get out of it and maintain their virtue while some others fall prey to this. She further added that there are good people too just like every other field. The bad things in Bollywood get highlighted sooner and vastly because the industry is always on debates. She has always been clear about her statements.

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