Subuhii Joshii’s pre-birthday celebration in Goa

Subuhii Joshii’s pre-birthday celebration in Goa

“Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai” fame Subuhii Joshii follows a ritual every year just before her birthday. She goes on a trip with her friends and unwinds herself before going back to the grind. This year she went to Goa with one of her good friends, but as luck would have it, she met some of her other friends there.

Calling it a “much-needed break”, she said, “I went to Goa with my friend Piya, it was a girl’s trip, but there we bumped into so many people. Since everything is open in Goa, a lot of people from Mumbai were there and I met some of my friends. I had a great time because I got to party and just loosen up a bit after almost six months. These three days were like the much-needed break and the best time I have had.”

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Sharing her love for Goa, Subuhii said, “I love that you can just be yourself in Goa. You can wear what you want, do what you want to do, people there don’t care, so you can just be yourself. You don’t have to think before doing anything. It’s the perfect place, a perfect weekend getaway where you can chill without being bothered by what others think.”

Subuhii will turn a year older on October 29, and after this exciting mini-vacation, we can’t wait to hear her birthday plans.