Numerologist and tarot card reader Tushar Apte predicts the year 2021 for celebs

Numerologist and tarot card reader Tushar Apte predicts the year 2021 for celebs

If you are a Mumbaikar, you must have heard of astrologer and numerologist Tushar Apte. The young lad learned both the methods at the age of 21, and at 23 he mastered the art of tarot card reading and healing. In a tarot card session, the 28-year-old has predicted the year 2021 for a few celebs. Read on:

Vijayendra Kumeria: In the year 2021, he will be getting some amazing opportunities. January, April, July, and October are favorable months for him. The opportunities which will come in these months should be capitalised upon. He should start doing Saturn remedies as Saturn is creating some blockages, and it will help him in climbing the ladder of success. He should overcome his shortcomings by evaluating his weaknesses and should get rid of the inferiority complex or any other complexes he is having. He should be ready for positive changes and transformations coming his way and he should be ready to get out of his comfort zone too.

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Meera Deosthale: In the year 2021 since Meera is entering her 26th year it will be favourable for her. It’s going to be an amazing year, and hence long-term plans will materialize. She should not lose patience and have faith in herself as she will be able to get some good opportunities which would help her grow as a person, and also professionally. . She should start worshipping Lord Ganesha every Tuesday as he is called the obstacle breaker. He will help her overcome all the adversities in her career. She should challenge herself and get out of her comfort zone, and explore new talents and even train herself more. This will help her in getting more good opportunities where she will be able to excel and showcase her talent. Also, she should get a positive approach and get rid of all those people who are trying to underestimate her potential. 

Vivian Dsena: In 2021, his past efforts will be rewarded. He should improve his networking skills to receive good opportunities in his career. He needs to be very choosy on the work front. He should not settle for anything less than what he deserves. He will have immense financial gains in 2021, but he needs to choose his projects properly and maintain the terms and conditions he has put forth. He can even try and participate in a dance reality show in 2021, if possible.