Just promising judgment or announcing compensation is not enough now: Shamin Mannan

Just promising judgment or announcing compensation is not enough now: Shamin Mannan

“Ram Pyaare Sirf Humaare” actress Shamin Mannan is disappointed with the government’s attitude toward the safety of women in the country. She feels though this a very important issue, the government has not taken it seriously enough. She says “promising judgement or announcing compensation” is not going to help now.

The Hathras gang-rape case of a 19-year-old woman shook the whole country. And since then, be it Buxar in Bihar, or Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh, a lot more cases of the heinous crime were reported recently. The “Sanskaar – Dharohar Apnon Ki” actress asserted that such cases must be fast-tracked and severe punishment should be immediately pronounced to the criminals. 

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“It’s sad that any government in power has never taken women safety seriously enough. Rape is a hideous and inhuman crime and such cases must be fast-tracked with sentencing severe punishment to the criminals. That would instill fear in the minds of such monsters. The government should start setting an example by punishing such culprits severely and quickly, otherwise, such incidents will keep repeating. Just promising judgement or announcing compensation is not enough now!” she said. 

She stated that to end rape, we first need to change the mindset of the people, and once that changes this evil will be forever eliminated from society.  

“Only because someone belongs to an underprivileged family or wears short dresses doesn’t mean she can be raped or killed brutally. Moreover, rape has nothing to do with the outfit of a woman, or age, because every other day a woman is getting raped from as young as three years old to 70 years old. I see people losing faith in the system now, which itself is unfortunate. There must be a strict law for the safety of every girl in our country, which could assure her that even if she walks alone at night, she will be safe and protected. Also, it’s time the root cause of this possibly be given importance to, that is the misogynistic and patriarchal thought process of people in our country. The thought process of people should change. Period!” Shamin signed off.