Bigg Boss 15: Vishal calls Donal ‘less entertaining'

Vishal Kotian and Donal Bisht
Today, the house of Bigg Boss15 was on a completely different level. On the other hand, we saw the beautiful Mouni Roy putting on this episode and doing a great job with all the occupants of the house where his roommates named three players who were their competitors. However, so that you don’t forget, this work also brings a lot of disagreement and verbal communication. But the highlight of all the work was the post-work discussions between Vishal Kotian and Donal Bisht. Vishal, a cunning man who called Donon so unflattering, received a positive response from the actor. When Vishal tried to repeat the same thing before Donon after work saying "I don't see you doing anything", the actor replied very cleverly "I'm an actor, mein nachti waachti ye sab mein nahi karti hu" (I'm an actor, I didn't come to dance here).

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Next. It's only the second day at Bigg Boss's house and the actor is already making a mark with his clever answers. Through this discussion, we can easily find out that the character is opposed to the unusual act of capturing the highlight.