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“Rohit Purohit Shares his Experience and Connection with the Character in Yash Patnaik’s ‘Gauna- Ek Pratha'”


Actor Rohit Purohit, known for his role as Gaurav in Yash and Mamta Patnaik’s “Gauna- Ek Pratha,” opens up about his experience working on the show and the strong connection he feels with his character. Purohit reveals that he relates deeply to Gaurav’s qualities as a Shiv Bhakt, dreamer, family man, lover, and responsible individual. Coming from a small city himself, Purohit also shares a connection with Gaurav’s journey from a small town in Bihar to pursue his dreams in Patna. He expresses excitement about portraying this multidimensional character on screen. Additionally, Purohit discusses the television industry and its niche audience, emphasizing the need for good content and execution to keep viewers engaged.