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Adil Khan Durrani Files Police Complaint Against Rakhi Sawant; Accuses Her of Attempting to Harm Him


In a shocking turn of events, Adil Khan Durrani has lodged a police complaint against Rakhi Sawant, alleging that she has conspired to have him killed. This startling revelation comes amid the tumultuous relationship between the two, which has been marred by accusations and controversies. Adil Khan Durrani, who was recently released after being arrested, has taken the opportunity to share his side of the story, shedding light on a series of allegations against Rakhi Sawant.

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Rakhi Sawant’s Tragic Loss: Friend Rajshree Shares Insights on the Death of Rakhi’s Mother


“Get the latest insights on the tragic loss of Rakhi Sawant’s mother from her close friend and fellow television personality, Rajshree. Learn about the impact of this loss on Rakhi and her family and discover how they are coping with this difficult time