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Sci-Fi Spectacle Unveiled: #ProjectK Stirs Excitement with Star-Studded Cast and Unexpected Cameo

In a thrilling turn of events for both cinephiles and sci-fi enthusiasts, the highly anticipated movie #ProjectK, also known as #Kalki2898AD, has taken the internet [more…]

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Prabhas’ Fierce First Look from Project K Unveiled Ahead of Comic Con Launch

The excitement is palpable as fans eagerly await the San Diego Comic Con event on 21st July (20th in USA) for the much-anticipated launch of Project K’s title and glimpse. In anticipation of this event, the makers have given a thrilling surprise to Prabhas’ fans by revealing the first look of the actor from the film. The fierce and powerful appearance of Prabhas has garnered an overwhelming response from his dedicated fanbase.