Sunny Leone feels that she is business person first

On Tuesday, Sunny Leone attended promotional event of her upcoming youth reality show MTV Spiltsvilla season 10 in Mumbai. During the media interaction Sunny stated that she is a business person first.

Talking about her future projects, she said, “I am releasing my cosmetic line. It’s called star-struck by Sunny Leone. I created this from scratch. I am not only brand ambassador of this cosmetic line. We created logo and packaging everything by myself and my team and I am very proud of it. I feel everyone should be star-struck in a room when a girl or a woman enters who uses my cosmetic line.”

She added, “There will be official launch. It would probably be more online base launch”.

When asked her whether she is feels comfortable in digital medium, Sunny replied, “I consider myself business person first. After evaluating everything, I like to tweak a business model little bit and see how it goes that is what you can do when you launch different product and lines.”

Talking about hosting MTV Spiltsvilla 10, she said, “I am very excited for the 10th season of Spiltsvilla. This is 4th time I am hosting Spiltsvilla. Each year I look forward to host Spiltsvilla. I am always thankful when I get the opportunity to be part of this show. Just like every other season, there will be lots of masti, crying, love, passion, romance, yelling and screaming. It has everything. It’s a khichadi of different things.”

When asked what she learns after hosting the show as Spiltsvilla show is all about love, romance, tasks, mind games, bitching and betrayal, she said, “The only thing which I constantly learn after this show is, I love myself and I love my own relationship so much because in this show, when you meet somebody new then you slowly get to know him during that period there are lots of ups and downs so it’s always difficult”

“These contestants meet on their first date. They might or might not know each other so they have to learn everything all over again so I am thankful that I have such nice relationship with my husband”.

“It also teaches you about human nature that is the most fascinating things for me. These contestants are all very young so when we trapped them in a certain situation with twist and tasks in our show, they display their psychology behind their choices, decisions, reasoning and action that’s is very interesting to observe not only to us but for the audience as well”.

Sunny also talked about her upcoming film Tera Intezaar in which she is paired opposite Arbaaz Khan, talking about the film, she said, “I am very excited for the film. I learned so much from Arbaaz. He is a great person and we have great friendship. It is coming out very soon”

In the end, she also spoke about what kind of biopic she is interesting in, Sunny said, “I won’t be able to name any particular personality but would like to do biopic from 1960s or 1970s some famous personality, I think that will be very interesting”.

MTV Spiltsvilla 10 will be airing on MTV from 23 July, 2017.

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