Suniel Shetty – Nepotism Debate Needs to Stop

Suneil Shetty requires no introduction, his name resonates good conduct and hard work. The actor hails from non-filmy background and made it in Bollywood through his sheer dedication and resilience.
With “Nepotism” debate is still raging in industry, actor-director-producer Suniel Shetty raised some serious valid points and asked media to stop this “feud” as it is hurting everyone.
Suniel was spotted at the trailer launch of the upcoming film The Rally, directed by Deepak Anand, during the media interaction the actor was asked about the nepotism debate.
He said, “There are four new outsider kids in The Rally who have got an opportunity. I was not a part of the industry and yet, I got a break. Both I and Deepak Anand were from South Mumbai. I had not even gone to a film studio ever in my life. It’s my journey that I created and now my child is getting an opportunity, I wonder why anybody would want to object to it”
“It happens everywhere – in business, in politics. No major corporate house would want someone other than their family member to be the next chairman. So, why hang us all the time constantly? Also, it was not easy for Athiya to do her first film. It was a Rs. 40 crore film and they say it didn’t work. Once that perception is created that it didn’t work, she had to work to bag her second film. Nobody gave her the chance after that. So I feel that this (debate over nepotism) needs to end sometime or the other as it is hurting everyone.”
Suniel Shetty further added, “A soldier from the Army wants even his child to have that respect because as a father, he’s comfortable in that space and that’s where he wants to see his child too. He doesn’t want to send his child in an environment which he doesn’t know about. Everyone wants their child to go in a good place and for me this industry is that good place. I love my industry.”

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