After seeing my pairing and chemistry with Anil Kapoor, Ranveer Singh will be jealous says Arjun Kapoor

Anil Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, and Anees Bazmee visited Mumbai’s sub-urban theatres to see audience reaction of their recently released film Mubarakan on Friday. While speaking to media, Arjun stated that after seeing successful pairing and chemistry of me and Anil Kapoor, Ranveer Singh will be jealous.
Anil Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Arjun kapoor, three of them share special bond with each other and they always try to pull each other legs in public events as well. Anil Kapoor has earlier worked with Ranveer singh in Dil Dhadkane Do and Arjun also worked with Ranveer in Gunday since that time they are inseparable in real life.
Talking about film’s success and his chemistry with Anil Kapoor, Arjun took dig at Raveer saying, “I am very happy to be here and I am glad that people are liking our film, our performances, and chemistry between me and Anil chachu. I read a review which said that, after famous pair of Karan- Arjun (Salman-Shahrukh) now it’s a fresh pair of Anil-Arjun but Ranveer Singh will be very jealous with this because of new relationship and chemistry we are having in this film. It’s nice to hear good feedback from the audience, critics, media and especially from kids because kids are most honest and toughest audience to impress.”
When asked Arjun that was there any pressure while doing this film, Arjun said, “If you start taking pressure then you will not be able to work. You have to be ready whatever comes your way. Every artist is excited to face camera and when you are working with credible people then you also get the confidence that film is going to shape well.”
“”When people told me that my double role was superb in the film so in that they have appreciated film’s writing and other characters of the film played their part seamlessly so yes more than pressure, there is some kind of nervousness before doing every film”
“When I heard good words about the film from friends, fan from social media, I felt vindicated as an actor that my decision to do this film was correct. I am happy that in my short span of career, I am able to deliver a film which entertained audience right from kids to senior citizen as it’s a very rare thing in young actor’s life”
There were reports that Kapil Sharma is battling with depression these days and because of that he cancelled Mubarakan promotional episode in his comedy show, rubbishing those rumors Arjun said, “We didn’t see anything sort of that while shooting for our episode. Every time I promote my film by going to his show but this time around, energy and atmosphere was really amazing. We went as family on a family show. Me and Anil chachu had some great time in that show and I am happy that we went on that show because it connected with our film as well. There are some films where you can’t give humor to the audience while promoting the film because film is serious but this time, the timing was also perfect and I am sure people are going to enjoy watching that show as well”
Mubarakan released on 28 July in theatres with mixed reviews from the audience and critics.

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