See what Sidharth Malhotra said on the issue of banning Pakistani artists in Bollywood

The notification issued by MNS taking after the Uri assaults, which called upon every one of the Pakistani performers to leave the nation, has started off a major open deliberation. While some vibe that the Pakistani craftsmen ought to be banned from working in India, there are other who have an alternate feeling. In a discussion with The Quint, Sidharth Malhotra opened up on the issue.
Since Siddharth has worked with Fawad Khan in Kapoor and Sons and Khan has been noticeably focused in the whole situation. This is what Sidharth said “I feel that imagination or craftsmen or any sort of inventive field, be it film, has no associations with what happens politically in various nations. I don’t by and by feelit’s going to make contrast to our circumstances. We’re simply easy prey and that is the reason they are remarking and attempting to bring this issue up. So it’s dismal on the grounds that I’ve worked with Fawad and we didn’t cast some individual in view of their nationality. We Cast them as an individual and as entertainers, and there are such a variety of different professionals who originate from all around the globe, in India, to work. Not just on-screen characters, there are cameramen, there are craftsmen, there are make up specialists and individuals… So the world is getting to be littler and littler and you can’t say yes or no to one specific nationality.”
Sidharth additionally uncovered that he has been continually in contact with Fawad Khan and that Fawad was not even there in the nation when the bits of gossip about him leaving began doing the rounds.

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