Sandeepa Dhar wrapped ‘Laalam Laal’ in a single day amidst her musical in Europe

The impressive actor and remarkable dancer Sandeepa Dhar has garnered immense buzz owing to her recent projects. Currently in the news for her latest song from Pankaj Tripathi starrer ‘Kaagaz’, Sandeepa Dhar revealed details about the schedule of the same.

Sandeepa Dhar shares, “When Satish Kaushik called me for this song, I was travelling for a musical in Europe. It was a very sudden thing that came my way and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity so I took two days off from the musical, flew down to India. I only had one day to rehearse, so I learnt the entire three-minute choreography overnight. The next day we started shooting the song and finished it in a 12-14 hour full day shift.”

Satish Kaushik had reserved two days to shoot the song, however being a professional dancer and her experience in the dance background, Sandeepa was able to grasp it relatively quickly and the team finished the song in one day itself. The actress saved an entire day of work for the film team as she shot the song in one take for every sequence.

For Laalam Laal, Sandeepa explored the desi vibe for the first time as the actress is known for her western dance forms.

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