Sajid Khan owes a public apology to me: Sherlyn Chopra

Mumbai: Actor and adult content creator Sherlyn Chopra, who has levelled accusation of sexual harassment against Sajid Khan, has said that she just want a public apology from the actor-filmmaker.Sajid Khan has been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women. Sherlyn brought fresh #MeToo charges against the filmmaker and accused him of flashing his privates while discussing a role. She also slammed top celebrities of Bollywood for not speaking up against issues like sexual harassment at the workplace.

“I don’t understand how serial offenders like him (Sajid Khan) get support from the film industry. The Khans and the Kapoors continue to work with him knowing his controversial background. I don’t understand why they (film industry) don’t raise their voice against such shameless activities,” she said.

“Otherwise, they talk about the importance of mental health and what not, but inside their homes, they are involved in drugs or such kind of activities. I don’t have a filmy background, so nobody told me that there are different meanings of meeting for dinner or at home, but I don’t want any other women to go through such a traumatic experience in life,” said Sherlyn.

She also advised people to change their mindset about women. “People tell me I am an adult content creator, so I should be okay with these things. I want to tell those stupid people that if a woman is an adult content creator or a prostitute, actor, married or unmarried or from any other walk of life, her opinion matters the most in such things, otherwise you have no right to go ahead with it. I want to tell such people to grow up and change their mindset when you deal with women,” she said.

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