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Sab Dhan Maati – Jai Gangaajal | Amruta Fadnavis | Salim & Sulaiman | Priyanka Chopra & Prakash Jha

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Presenting you the video song of Sab Dhan Maati sung by Amruta Fadnavis.

Title : Sab Dhan Maati
Singer : Amruta Fadnavis
Music by : Salim & Sulaiman
Lyrics by : Manoj Muntashir
Arrangers/Programmers : Salim Merchant, Sulaiman Merchant & Raj Pandit

Cast : Priyanka Chopra, Prakash Jha & Manav Kaul
Banner : Prakash Jha Productions & Play Entertaiment
Producer : Prakash Jha
Director : Prakash Jha

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dharm dhakar 2016-03-01 at 12:05

first comments..

wow best 2016-03-01 at 13:31

Love PeeCee as abha

Ravi Waghmare 2016-03-01 at 15:06

Shabbas Sunbai. Great. Proud of you.

Ann Nax 2016-03-01 at 19:56

amazing. ..Priyanka Chopra 💖

Bhavesh K Pandey 2016-03-02 at 01:46

congratulations for the awesome song debut

BALAGOPAL B 2016-03-02 at 10:10

gud song

yogesh kharode 2016-03-02 at 15:13

khup chan

ng funny 2016-03-03 at 22:31

wow song……

Kumar Grg 2016-03-05 at 08:05

Beautiful song""""""

Akshay Bajad 2016-03-05 at 18:09


Dinesh Joshi 2016-03-05 at 22:39

nice movie

Tapash Chakraborty 2017-03-13 at 11:10

Real fact in Mafia Raj

Indian Great 2017-06-09 at 08:28

Wow…lucky Mr Fadnavis

sonal mandal 2017-08-01 at 21:26

This song is nice and Prakash jha all movies are best

Parag Mokashi 2017-08-25 at 15:56

now a days anyone can become a singer with the help of technology. lot of sound effects are used to improve singers voice.

BATMIWALA बातमीवाला 2017-10-16 at 02:35

Very deep and meaning full

Ramananda Kumar 2017-11-04 at 21:50

dil xuleya

Anuratn Raghuvanshi 2017-12-27 at 23:28

Congrats to Amruta Fadnavis for singing such a nice song…….

Jaya Srivastava 2018-02-28 at 12:09

such a realistic lyrics

Shubham Patil 2018-03-13 at 16:56

भंगार आवाज 2019 नन्तर कोणीच विचारणार नाय😂😂😂

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