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Review : Tevar – Sonakshi Sinha, Arjun Kapoor & Manoj Bajpayi

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Story of Tevar is used the same old predictable formula of the 80s. Where we have one hero, one heroine & villain. Villain felt in love with heroine & want to forcefully get married with her.
#Tevar is the remake of south India movie and you can easily judge the same with the dialogs and the action used in the film. However since the beginning of the movie you can’t move your eyes from the screen.
Movie is full of entrainment, dialogs, action and acting of Sonakshi and Arjun. Which take you stay in the Cinema hall for entire duration of the movie and you can’t feel bore at any point of time.
Arjun Kapoor who played a role of Pintu who is Kabaddi player of Agra Kabaddi team Sonakshi 
Sinha played a role of Radhika, sister of one media person who want to expose the Minister and his brother Gajender (Manoj Bajpayi ) who played a role of bad boy (Gunda) in the movie.
Gajender want to get married with Radhika forcefully and kill her brother. Radhika tried to run out from the India and during this entire situation Pintu accidently save Radhika from Gajender without knowing that is a big gunda of the Mathura.
Now from this scene whole story get started and what happen with Pintu, do Radhika get success to run out from the India and do Gajender will get married with Radhika or as in all Hindi movie Hero and Heroine get Married.
To know all this you much go and buy ticket to watch the film.
Film is full paisa awsool, Sonakshi Sinha have is good to show the emotions with the cuteness.
Acting of Sonakshi Sinha will rewind you  back with memories of Dabang & Rawodi Rathod
I will 3.5 starts to #Tevar

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