Sadak 2

Review – Sadak 2, a total waste of time and legacy of Sadak original

Although the objective of the people who were trending #BoycottSadak2 was different, trust me you should boycott this film. It’s not because of Nepotism. But it’s such a blunder in terms of screenplay, direction, and music.
I don’t know what Mahesh Bhatt was thinking when he was planning for Sadak 2, I think he forgot its 2020, and the audience is much mature now. I tried to notice a few positive points to start with but unfortunately, I can’t find the same. No effort in building the characters and setting the plot, in addition, to make it blunder its was to bad on-Screen play. All the character was actually like acting seems dull in many scenes because of the wrong or no background music.

The movie was written by Mahesh Bhatt and Suhrita Sengupta and they both fail in their work because writing is something where this movie lacks a lot and destroyed the whole movie.
On Story part, it was a movie of a rich family and murder in the family because of the property and the wrong number baba who want everyone to follow him. A daughter Alia Bhatt who wants to expose the Baba and the murderer of her mother. Mahesh Bhatt tried to connect with the story with the actual story of Sadak and from there Sanjay Dutt came into the picture.
Now, when have so many options on the OTT platform so my recommendation to watch any other series or movie and try to boycott Sadak 2 you will be thankful for me.

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