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A drug-mafia infested Goa plus menacing mobsters plus a little girl who goes missing plus​ a ​muscled ​man ​on a​ mission is equal to ‘Rocky Handsome’. What all of it basically comes down to is this: a sculpted John Abraham donning a black singlet–pajamas–​combat ​ cap, walking slo-mo down corridors, beating the c—p out of sundry bad guys. Or ​slashing​ holes into ‘em. Same difference. That is the sole purpose of this film. The baddies are a colourful lot. One is called Mantoo, or Muntu. Another has a ponytail and leaps about like a terrible​ carbon copy of a bad carbon copy. Another is bald-pated and twinkly eyed. These two have a bodyguard who comes from one of those lands in the East where ​kinetic martial arts​ are used commonly. I think I heard someone say Thailand, so okay, he’s Thai. But really who cares about such specifics in a film which is determined to plumb all depths when it comes to grisly violence : from a man with an axe, to ​goons ​with kni​ves​ and gun​s, and some kind of a ​vacuum​ drill, which is used in a most shiver​​ inducing manner right ​at the start​, every conceivable weapon is brought to bear. But before you can shout axe murderer, you ought to know that Abraham’s character is the most violent of them all. Particularly in a climactic scene, in which

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