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Review : Kuch Kuch Locha Hai | Sunny Leone

Movie Review

Cast: Sunny Leone, Ram Kapoor, Evelyn Sharma, Navdeep Chabbra, Suchita Trivedi
Director: Devang Dholakia
Kuch Kuch Locha Hai is a comedy film directed by Devang Dholkia.It satrs Sunny Leone and Ram Kapoor in the lead roles.It also features Evelyn Sharma & debutant Navdeep Chabbra in the supporting cast.
This Sunny Leone-starrer has nothing. In fact, it’s nowhere close to being called an entertainer, something the makers repeatedly promised in the promos. Ram
The film is about Parveen Patel (Kapoor) who is 45 year old married man having a playboy personality. He has a wife Kokila and a son Jiggy (Chabbra) who dreams to become a rockstar.Parveen Patel has a secret crush on Shanya (Sunny Leone) who is a Bollywood super star.Naina (Evelyn Sharma) is their neighbor who falls in love with his son Jiggy.
In this course of events Naina also helps Parveen Patel to impress Shanaya. And his son also extends his support to the scene so that he can spend time with Naina.Will Parveen Patel be able to impress Shanaya? Will Naina and Jiggy love story come to a happy ending? This is the story of film.Praveen Patel is a huge fan of film actor Shanaya (Sunny Leone), who first dances on Paani waala dance and then Daaru pike dance. Basically, you have to be drunk to find any thread in between the two songs. Anyway, she signs a film in which she has to play a Gujarati woman, and for that she comes to stay at the Patel villa.
The twist comes in their life when Shanaya comes in their life.For one of films promotional activities, she visits to Malaysia to meet the chosen lucky winner who is none other than Parveen Patel. While filling up the form he lies about his marital status and many other things. When Patel and Shanaya meet, they develop a relationship as Patel helps her to learn Gujrati for one of his upcoming film.
Praveen Patel has a friend who thinks, “Jo bhabhiyon se kare pyaar, wo hi kare shaadi se inkaar,” and then gives the audience a lesson in overacting. But, this much is very much acceptable in a film which names a stylist Roberto Mawali.

There is absolutely no coherence in the story, screenplay and direction, and on top of it, the makers believe that the viewers wouldn’t find any difference in between a Gujarati woman and a Kenyan lady. Some of the scenes are so creepy that you wouldn’t even dare to sleep. Consider this one:

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