CAST:Krishna Chaturvedi, Ruhi Singh, Lisa Ray, Javed Jaffrey
DIRECTION:Sameer Sippy
The film follows collegian Ria (Ruhi Singh), who vehemently seeks “freedom and independence”. Her father, the PM of India (no less) approves and she gets an apartment to herself in South Africa. His only warning, “no wild parties, drugs or boys”. Soon, she can’t stand being men-in-black-ed around for being the first daughter and plans a trip. Things turn ugly as she’s tailed by a terrorist duo who take farce to a new low. Luckily, she meets travel mate, Aryan (Krishna Chaturvedi) who helps out. The film also has Lisa Ray and Javed Jaffrey as RAW agents Naina and Amitabh sent to protect the lead. But they end up mostly dwelling on their own failed marriage.

None of the cast members manage to impress and wouldn’t want this one in their filmography. It’s upsetting to see the talented Javed Jaffrey trying as much in a film that doesn’t deserve him.

If the music seems dated, blame Nadeem Saifi, one half of the celebrated music duo of the 90s, who makes his comeback with this film.

If you’re keen on exploring parts of South Africa, off the B’wood map, this one’s for you. But that’s just one reason.

Stars : **

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