Review Abhay 2

Review Abhay 2 – Impressive benchmark for its superb combination among aspects

Zee5 Abhay2 is a sequel of the TV drama series Abhay. Incidents link humorously in between the storyline but have a new base.

Abhay Singh Rajput is back with a bang just within a year for the massive demand of fans. Indeed, the series has left an impressive benchmark for its superb combination among aspects. As a regular watcher of the thriller genre, I can surely add this to the best recommendations list. It has that intense flow like Asur and Breathe. Zee5 Abhay2 is a sequel of the TV drama series Abhay. Incidents link humorously in between the storyline but have a new base. The several life-threatening psychopaths and sociopaths lead the plot along with side-line stories. Abhay2 is full of never before cases that can thrill you to the edge. It’s bigger and better than even the first season—the series ensembles category A cast who perfectly fits their characters. Kunal Khemu restraining acting itself keeps the pace so perfect and maintains the suspense. Simultaneously, kickass new villains in each episode add some more spice to the main cat-mouse rivalry of the lead actor and Ram Kapoor as the main antagonist.

  • Genre – Action, Crime, and thriller
  • Language- Hindi
  • Duration – 7 episodes around 40 minutes each.
  • Cast and Character

Every recognizable character had an important key role in the plot. Nothing would feel to be unnecessary and non-sense added to spice up the series. It all goes like actual events recreated with a touch of fiction.

Kunal Khemu, as Abhay Pratap Singh, is in the lead role and plays the role of super strong, honest, hard-working, and intelligent officer with relatively calm yet analytical characteristics. Along with this, he is a loving and caring family man too.

Chunky Pandey, as Brain Soup Villain, is the very first and promising character to introduce the level of trill waiting till the end.

As the journalist, Asha Negi is very supportive and understanding while being passionately handling her work with honesty. It becomes quite interesting to know her reaction to the series’s ongoing events, especially towards her partner, Abhay Singh Rajput.

Nidhi Singh as a recruit in the Lucknow Special Task Force who is shown to be a curious, smart, and workaholic character. She is the secondary focus in every scene related to the special task force after Kunal Khemu himself. On the other hand, she has the envying and unemotional personality too.

Raghav Juval as Homophobic Killer seems to be introduced after keeping in mind the opposing reactions of many people. It is just a visible picture of the narrow mindset in society about homosexuality.

Bidita Bag, as the prostitute killer, has done an outstanding job even after being a less popular actor in the series. She has boldly given the intense adult and thrilling scene while maintaining the factual innocence and simplicity.

As the main antagonist, Ram Kapoor plays the super negative role that digs into the plot slowly and gradually. He is presented as a remote controller of the series unless the actor shows up with his real potential and colors. That was anyway included behind the intention of the villain already.

Other characters also fill the lane well, but limelight mostly revolves around the especially mentioned one. It also sets a positive and likable image of these actors in the audience’s heart like me.


#TheRoadToJustice is never easy and primitive. The series proves it well. Even the right people have some darkness and have to go through the knife filled path to follow the path of justice. None could be better than Kunal Khemu for a plot with a gradual change in pace. He has already work in such movies as Abhay, Blood Money, etc. The acting itself is worth keeping the suspense and thrill in the storyline. Abhay is an inverted detective format of storytelling. He seems to be capable of handling situations on his own. Yet, he chooses to test his limits within a boundary while facing more significant and newer challenges. He brilliantly solves several crime cases that are either closed or unsolved. These enticing cases include some psychopath killers like brain eater, a homophobic college student, a misbelieving cop, and some victimizes killers like revenger doctor, prostituted girl, and schizophrenia suffering women.

The Direction of the movie makes it all evident and natural from the side of Abhay. He maintains a clear and focused image with not much effort initially, but then the real villain arrives. He is an unknown and powerful character who turns his world upside down and traps him along with everyone else in a maze that will test Abhay’s morality’s very fibre. This is how the main character’s deepest secrets reveal one by one, which he certainly didn’t want to. Then the journey shows the conqueror avatar of Abhay, who somehow manages to remain incorruptible.

Background with writing editing and Direction

The writing and Direction have played as interchangeable wheels in the series. At first, the Direction sets a perspective about the characters that seem to fade steadily as writing skills show up. The characters who be present throughout the whole series exhibit slight duality in nature. This proves the level of writing that goes step by step with the help of several criminal cases ranging from a diseased killer to an intentional killer. The editing has done a great job to back the establishment of the plot as per need. The series conveys that we believe that everything horrid is happening elsewhere, not in our world. But this is not true. These criminals are amongst us. Even as we speak, they live in our society, talking to us, breathing with us.

The series has put the real-world dark characteristics on-screen. When we see it happening in daily life or get to know about it. Our reaction is sympathizing but not precautious. It’s not just in the movies. Not characters are written to scare us but to mirror our society’s reality.

Negativity is so close to home. So, do good and be safe. In this world, everyone faces their karma, and we must not fall on the lousy category. This crime thriller franchise is the best choice for mind-blowing entertainment with hidden social messages.

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