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Remembering the iconic director K. Balachander on his 90th birth anniversary!

K. Balachander
K. Balachander
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Whenever the Tollywood will be in talks for rising and glory, K. Balachander would be remembered affectionately. He has a great contribution to the industry since the 60s to 2000s. He spent a long-time span of his life in film making. He was a school teacher before stepping into the screenplay and storytelling. Later, he gave the audience extraordinary realistic movies. His movie direction skill was superb. He could make everything seem so real and perfect. He always tried to show the actual reality in his movies rather than adding masala stories to spice up the pace. The audience of the decades praises him for his talent. He would have made more legendary movies if he would have been alive yet. Still, he will always be remembered through his valuable work and amazing movies. To tribute the sensational director on his 90th birth anniversary, we have some of his best movies in bucket list to suggest you.

Ethir Neechal – This movie was crafted from one of his play of the same name. This swiftly craft the real image of society in which the story starts from a residential complex. Various people from different cultures resided at that complex. Whereas there was also a boy named, Madhu, living under the staircase. He was severely taunted and harassed by the residents. Suddenly things change when luck extends a supporting hand to Madhu and he becomes rich. The movie is available on YouTube and a really good choice for minimalist kind of movie lovers.

Ninaithale Inikkum- As the name suggests, it will make you nostalgic about the old soulful memories and refresh the mood. The pinch of comedy within this socio-drama movie fits perfectly for the entertainment of the viewers. Generally, these movies are available now on YouTube. A perfect time-lapse for travelling and music lover. We also have a bonus attraction for you in this movie. If you want to watch the superstar Rajnikant and famous actor Kamal Hassan sharing screen on a musical theme, this is the choice. The story is based on a music band who travels far to Singapore from Tamilnadu and come back with melodious memories and unforgettable friendship.

Unnal Mudiyam Thambi – The movie is a living example to prove the creative presentation of the social messages, was the specialty of K. Balachander. His plot of the movie is so convincing with the most perfect cast choice. Kamal Hassan has worked immensely satisfying in the role. The movie narrates the drawbacks of discrimination over casteism and also shows the imperial revolution against it. The father of the leading character of the movie is an upper cast favoring person whereas his son is rebellion. This later comes to an end through, turning the whole village into a modern town. It set an example for the whole country in the movie and for the newcomers in the Tamil industry about the presentation tactic of social message. This movie is although not on YouTube but available on amazon prime.


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