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Reading, Meditation, Exercise And Binge Watch Is Keeping Sohum Shah Busy In Lockdown

Reading, Meditation, Exercise And Binge Watch Is Keeping Sohum Shah Busy In Lockdown
Reading, Meditation, Exercise And Binge Watch Is Keeping Sohum Shah Busy In Lockdown
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Actor and producer Sohum Shah is known for his stellar performances in Talvar and Simran, shares a little sneak-peek into his life and daily routine during this Lock down.
With Lockdown in place due to Corona pandemic, everyone is trying his hands at something new or catch up with things they missed out on, of course within the boundaries of their homes.
So we asked Sohum Shah, what keeping him occupied and entertainment during this lockdown.
He said, “There are a lot of things that I’ve been waiting to do for a long time. I come from a business background and I started working at a very early age, so I missed out on a lot of things as a teenager like watching films or series, listen to a lot of music etc. I never had those privileges. And now that I am an actor/producer, I still don’t get any time to do all these, but now that I have the time I am watching a lot of films and series, doing a lot of reading, meditation, exercise as well as spending some quality time with my family”
“I’m also getting in touch with a lot of old friends whom I haven’t spoken in a long time through calls, video calls reminiscing our old days when we used to play cricket and the things we did, so it feels like those days are back in my life and I’m really enjoying it’ added actor.
Sohum Shah has won a National Award for producing Ship Of Theseus, and won international acclaim for acting and producing Tumbaad.
We asked Sohum Shah about his most significant insecurities of an actor and how he deals with it.
The actor said, “When you talk about insecurities, I always think about cricketers since I’m a huge fan of cricket and have seen a lot of cricket in my life. I have seen a lot of good batsmen and bowlers, who have really performed well at some point in their career, but there are occasion when the same players lose their rhythm and form and as an actor that is my greatest fear – what if I can’t act like the way I do now? That is my greatest insecurity”
With the world hooked onto digital platforms for entertainment, we asked Sohum about his binge list and he said, “I have a huge binge list. I want to watch Sex Education, Chernobyl, and Mindhunter and lot of other shows. In films I want to watch – Joker, The Irishman, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, etc. The list keeps on getting bigger and bigger every day”
Sohum Shah was last seen in Bard of Blood, a fictional spy thriller web series based on the 2015 espionage novel of the same name by Bilal Siddiqi. Helmed by Ribhu Dasgupta and bankrolled by Red Chillies Entertainment.

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