Ramayan actor Sunil Lahiri’s son Krish Pathak features in his second music video ‘Jante Kya Bhai’ – song out now

Presented by Malsons, Janta Kya Bhai is an R&B and pop melody etched with lyrics that resonate with everyone after a heartbreak. It talks about the times you don’t eat, you don’t bathe, you just lie around listlessly going over every detail as to why it happened.  Shot amidst the pandemic., ‘Jante Kya Bhai’ video stars Peot Shaf and TV actor Krish Pathak.

Ramayan actor Sunil Lahiri’s son Krish Pathak who was seen in P.O.W- Bandhi Yuddh Ke was recently seen in his debut music video ‘Jiyun Kaise’.For Actor, Krish this song follows his successful last release ‘Jiyun Kaise’. Talking about his experience working on Jante Kya Bhai, he adds’ This is the next chill anthem. This will be a song where everyone will vibe too. It will make you sing along and you won’t realise you’re already grooving to it simultaneously. It’s the story of every best friend. So when Shivam one day called me and told me that I am sending you a song just hear it. At the first instance, I got hooked to the song and decided to be a part of it. We shot this in a 2-day schedule, we didn’t have any script or any scenes ready as such and as it was lockdown we were limited to the locations. We made the scenes on the spot and shot it in the bungalow and was fun to shoot with Poet Shaf. We were a 4 person team with Shivam, the dop, me and poet. More than rehearsing and stuff we were just having fun with the song and Shivam captured it. It was a total guerrilla shoot. And after watching the final footage I was amazed how great it turned out. To put it together, It was a great creative team.

Talking about the song, Poet Shaf comments, ‘I emote better in songs than I do taking ’Jante Kya Bhai’ is very close to my heart because I wrote in when my heart was in tatters’ It makes me very glad that every person who has heard this song finds it so relatable’  

Song out now on youtube and all streaming platforms

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