In Qaidi Band, Music is like therapy to characters that we are playing says Anya Singh

Anya Singh, new talent from Yashraj Films is making her debut in Habib Faisal’s Qaidi Band in Bollywood. While interacting with media on Friday, Anya stated that her music is like therapy to the characters that we are playing in the film.
Qaidi Band is tale of a few wrongfully booked people, who’re under trial, and try to wring themselves out of their misery. The quirk is, they also start a music band of their own for the celebration of Independence Day in prison, which finds itself in the midst of a political agenda.
Talking about her character and the film, Anya said, “Music is therapy to the characters we are playing in the film. It’s about how music brings out best n them. It sets them free one way or the other. Music is heart and soul of this film.”
“My character in the film has become tougher by spending time in jail because she has to fight for everything in jail and it is like survival of the fittest. She is very optimistic , go getter and independent kind of girl. After her release from the jail, she wants to become a singer and her optimism keeps her going in the film”
Talking about her journey to bag Yashraj film, she said, “I came to Mumbai only to become an actress. My mom gave me time period of 1 year to try my luck in Mumbai so when I came here one day Shanoo Sharma (YRF casting director) spotted me in a gym and asked me to do audition for the film and from next day my audition started for almost 2 months and after that I got this film”
Talking about her inspirations from Bollywood, Anya said, “My favorite actress is Kajol, Anushka Sharma, Vidya Balan and in Male actor’s I really admire Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor but I have long list of favorites”
Qaidi Band is releasing on 25 August, 2017.

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