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Protiqe Mojoomdar of HANDYYMAN partners with GAIL for #BringBackTheBlueSkies Campaign commences with the new peppy ‘HawaBadlo Anthem V Mix”

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Indian lyricist and Content Producer Protiqe Mojoomdar along with GAIL recently launched a campaign to fight Air Pollution, #BringBackTheBlueSkies by kickstarting the new peppy ‘HawaBadlo’ Anthem V Mix. Protiqe who is currently basking in the success of his music being appreciated in the Bollywood movies Halkaa and Ishqeria, was super excited to contribute and be a part of this important and urgent cause.
Protiqe Mojoomdar, also the Co Founder & Producer, Handyyman said, “It’s a matter of great pride for us to be a part of this award-winning campaign, and it’s the one year anniversary for us and the HawaBadlo anthem! We are excited at the launch of this new video, which is a part of the effort to make HawaBadlo more relevant, contemporary and a youth-first movement for essential change. This time, we have added a touch of romance and the hope for a happy utopic future to the video; it’s the same song but with a new arrangement that the young audience will like. It was exciting to delve into a true-blue Music Video genre to tell the dark story of our environment today ”.
Digital stars Amol Parashar and Sarah Hashmi have come together, lending their on-screen chemistry to the brand new music video. Bollywood singers Harshdeep Kaur and Javed Ali have sung this new Hawa Badlo Anthem.
In light of this alarming situation where Air Pollution is being recognised as a primary killer, GAIL has been supporting HawaBadlo, an independent people’s movement started more than two years ago, aimed at propagating sustainable mind-set change at individual level, which collectively establishes an extensive community change for greener and cleaner tomorrow for us and generations to come.
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About HawaBadlo Initiative
GAIL’s commitment to the environment is an integral aspect of its corporate value system and is firmly entrenched in its mission statement. As a young progressive brand, GAIL is committed to deliver a better tomorrow for all our stakeholders where progress and environment can go hand-in-hand. Supporting the HawaBadlo Initiative was another step towards building a sustainable environment for the country and creating a meaningful difference.
The objective of HawaBadlo is to gather resources in form of KNOWLEDGE, NETWORK, INNOVATION & OUTREACH to come together on a single platform to protect human health and country from the effects of Air Pollution.

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