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“Professionalism does not have categories” : Amitabh Bachchan

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Amitabh Bachchan talks about the importance of self-disipline and diligence in his Interview that he given for “Times”.

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has a habit of creating and receiving trend in the industry. Despite being at the top of the merge for more than four decades, the legend, Amitabh Bachchan refuses to accept any epithets that remotely suggest his celebrated a professional and an actor who still aspired to hide his skills.

Q: At a beginner, you must have had several ambitions. Do they al stand Fulfilled?
A: I lack ambition. So I do not now what I need and desire. But yes, what I do know is that the grace of some unknown force has been extremely liberal and kind to me.

Q: You are known to be fascinated by fas cars. Today, you own a couple of them. What other things fascinate you?
A: Yes, cars fascinate me, fast or otherwise. I believe they are a fascination for most men and women. Power, seed, design are all inborn ingredients in the human  race and I am no difference. But what is most fascinating for me these days in particular, is the confidence and the ability of this generation, their carefree attitude, their desire to achieve the very best without ever balking at the though that it may be possible. I am astonished at their zeal to achieve with self-astonished prediction. I am amazed at the spontaneity with which they breeze past embarrassments, failures and disillusionment. How effortlessly they adapt themselves to change, and how they know that change is momentary and that the future holds more for them.
At the same time, I am absolutely stunned by the inept and complete disregard to discipline in some areas where it is most required – the following of rules, the compliance of order and the measured diktat of authorities.

Q: What are the challenges that lie ahead of you as an actor?
A: Each day starts and ends with an insubstantial struggle to exist. I rely on those few who still consider me, to put forth something that is challenging that is challenging, something that robs me of my sleeps at night, for work next morning.

Q: What is it that you long for materialistically?
A: Materialism breeds greed, to be covetously grasping, the acquisition of material can never have and end. You posses one, you wish for two and then four and 10 endlessly! I would wish that could convert to passing some work projects instead. Or some guidance to learn new languages, musical instruments.. guess I sound too overwhelmed with age!

Q: Does it take a lot to be professional that you are?
A: Professionalism does not have categories. You are either a professional or not a professional. When you ask ‘does it take a lot’ you give it enumeration, a mark sheet. That is incorrect…

Q: Are there times when you feel, let me take a chill pill, ignore a commitment?
A: Fear of dispossession, of irresponsibility of giving time for water to flow away under the bridge keeps me glued to commitment what would those who have been given the commitment think of me?
Would  they understand my point of view my presumed indigence? All these thoughts overcome me and I strive the best I can to keep them at a distance!

**Source Times Life


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