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Priyanka Chopra Downs a Tequila Shot On The Ellen Show

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Television host Ellen DeGeneres invited Priyanka Chopra on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with tequila. The Indian performing artist swallowed it down, and joked about how Indians adore their spirits.
Priyanka, who discovered worldwide recognition with her American TV arrangement Quantico, did not delay when DeGeneres requesting that her take a tequila shot amid her sit-down on the show, which is publicized in India on Romedy NOW.
Priyanka was requested that do a shot since she made a go on celebrity main street at a honors indicate as of late. DeGeneres even demonstrated the video. The performing artist said the shot made her “wonky” in light of the fact that she hadn’t eaten throughout the day.
After the drink, Priyanka said, “Thank you for that, this will be a truly smooth meeting.”
DeGeneres said, “No doubt! It’s great, this will be our custom at this point. At whatever point you are conversing with me or anyone that is associated with the Ellen Show, you do a dose of tequila.”
To that, Priyanka said, “I truly began trusting it was an exceptionally American thing, since I was at the Emmy’s and it happened once more. I was given tequila and I resembled ‘American Red Carpets need to begin with tequila’.”
At the point when DeGeneres said “Americans drink a ton”, Priyanka remarked, “Goodness, along these lines, do Indians. Better believe it, Indians drink a ton.”
“What’s the drink of decision in India?” DeGeneres enquired.
Priyanka said, “Well, mine is…red wine. Since it is rich and proper to say on the show. Since it pretense in India, twice every day.”
Priyanka, who was seen trying a FBI specialist named Alex Parrish in the main period of the American show arrangement, is currently depicting a CIA operator in its second season. She is occupied with shooting for the second season in New York.


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