Dragon M releases his collection of poems of Self Realization - Aatmabodh

Poet and Writer, Dragon M releases his collection of poems of Self Realization – Aatmabodh

Dragon M releases his debut Album, Aatmabodh, of Poems that resemble the heart of a Dragon

Mrinal Mandal, also known as Dragon M, is a 25-year-old poet, rapper, and novelist from New Delhi. He graduated as a mechanical engineer but has always been close to art and writing. After beginning writing his first novel in the first year of his college, he published his debut novel in 2018 called Hourglass. He is also a stage performer as he performs poems, stories and rap and has already performed or hosted more than 100 events in the last three years in 7 different cities. His recent releases are as follows-

Now Dragon M has released his new poems album called Aatmabodh. It is a Sanskrit word that means ‘self-realization’. Aatmabodh is a collection of 5 poems that Dragon M says one part or another of himself and of his heart. These poems are not only the personal favourites of Dragon M but also the ones he gained most praises for in the live shows. These are well-composed poems that talk about a different side of a person. The music for these tracks is given by Dox who is a Chandigarh based music producer and Gaurang Sahu who is an instrumentalist from New Delhi. Every track in the album is very unique and brings a fresh-air of thoughts to the listener.

It can be streamed at: Aatmabodh EP | Poems that Resembles the Heart of a Dragon

It will also be available on Streaming and Downloading Platforms from 10 Dec.

Aatmabodh Tracklist

Dekhiye: Dekhiye is a sociopolitical poem that talks about various social evils present in our society. Dragon with the help of this poem asks people to look at these evils and not turn their eyes from them as a solution can only be found when one decides to confront them. The track ends with a couple of shlokas from Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, their translation and Dragon’s own interpretation

Sarhadein: Sarhadein addresses the communal hatred present in our society and how people hold on to the ghosts of the past to feed hatred to their next generation, keeping the hatred alive.

Tu: From finding his lover’s face among the start to following the wind to reach to her, or silently admiring her sight as she sleeps, ‘Tu’ is a love poem that describes one being in love and how one describes the feeling.

Tasveer: Tasveer talks about love existing between two people who live far away from each other and how they imagine the time when they will meet. But until they meet, all they have is each other’s photographs that they see to keep their heart’s away from the breaking apart.

Pal Do Pal: Pal Do Pal was written during the suicide prevention month and as that suggests, it is a poem that focuses on suicide prevention. Being a survivor of mental health himself, Dragon decided to make this poem a part of this album.

About the Artwork: Aatmabodh’s artwork’s design has been taken directly from Dragon M’s own name. Mrinal means stem of the lotus, the one end of which stands on the dirt while the other holds the lotus. Therefore, it represents the balance between the good and the bad, similar to the ancient Chinese philosophy Yin Yang. Therefore, the dots in the Yin Yang symbol have been replaced with lotuses. The final design shows half face of a Mrinal and half face of the Dragon above the modified Yin Yang symbol, giving it a more personal touch.

Dragon M wishes to bring a change to this world with these poems as not only they (Dekhiye and Sarhadein) evoke questions but they also aim to make one feel better and loved (Tu, Tasveer and Pal Do Pal). Aatmabodh is released on YouTube and will soon be available on all streaming on all the major platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music, Instagram Music, iTunes and a lot more.

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