Playing negative and positive character is challenging for every actor says Abhimanyu Singh

Actor Abhimanyu Singh is who has worked in some notable films like Lakshya, Gulal, Ram Leela, Dhol is now getting lot of praise for his negative avatar in Sridevi’s film Mom. In an interview, Abhimanyu stated that, playing negative and positive character is challenging for every actor.
Earlier, in bollywood, negative characters used to have depth and it used to be well written and properly presented in films but now days that doesn’t happen so often so when asked about this, he said, “Today, I feel it is very rare scenario when good roles are being written for negative characters but I feel each role is challenging for the actor because you are not the same person which you portray onscreen so you have to make that kind of mindset to perform these kind of negative roles so I feel , it is challenging for every actor to perform negative and positive both roles.”
Talking about working with Sridevi , he said, “It was really great experience for me to work with her. It was like dream come true moment to work with Sridevi because off late, she is doing less number of films. I learned a lot from her in terms of discipline and acting and apart from that she is very supportive actress with her co-stars.”
Abhimanyu spoke about kind of preparation he did for the negative role, he said, “I did my graduation in Delhi so I landed there two days before two of days of shooting of the film. I visited my old friends and gone to some public places to pick up that typical accent and body language of Delhi people and I also had script in mind and I knew my character well so it went off well”.
Talking about message in the film Mom, he said, “I feel, this film should be watched by every teenage girl and their parents because when girls and boys are young they feel that they can take care of themselves and they become too over confident. In this film, it has shown that how suddenly, their life can take ugly turn especially if they are living in the area of Delhi and Gurgaon.”
Abhimanyu also talked about his upcoming projects, he said, “I am doing a film called Guns of Banaras which is directed by Rikku Rakeshnath. In that I playing positive role. It will release in August- September. And I I am doing another small Hindi film which is based on true story. It is based on school incident happened in Rajsthan 20-25 years ago. In that I am playing badminton coach. I am also working in Anil Sharma’s upcoming film Genius so with each film I am trying to do different kinds of roles”.

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