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People slam Bigg Boss for improper scenes from Siddharth Shukla!

People slam Bigg Boss for improper scenes from Siddharth Shukla!
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The Bigg Boss is a very noticeable show on Indian television. The show has a considerable fan base still it sometimes catches up immense controversies for various reasons. Recently the task given to players became a solid reason for people to demand a ban on the show. Siddharth Shukla has been the ex-member of the bigg boss too. He is in the front to make it more exciting and challenging for the current contestants. Gauhar Khan and Hina Khan is appointed with the familiar duties in another section. Gauhar is the head of the kitchen while Hina takes charge over the personal meetings and matters of the contestants. Siddharth is given the task to manage the ongoings in the bedroom of a big boss. After the completion of 14 days, they will decide who can leave the show and who deserves to remain.

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Immunity task

The contestants had already started their share in fights, task and controversies. All this has been completed within the few days of the first week in big boss. The luggage task was in the hands of Hina Khan and held the normal grudges of one another as a competitor. Nikki Tamboli managed to become the only highlight in the whole task where everyone had to pick seven items from their things. At the same time, she told that Sara could pick two items of clothing. Nikki was acting a stubborn for not giving up on her two items. She said that she was missing her ex-boyfriend. Everyone called her self centred and selfish for not making the sacrifice. While Nishant got ready for sacrificing his two items as Gauhar and already said that they wouldn’t get food if the task doesn’t complete. Nikki said that she would pay back to Nishant in next task by giving up her items, but Eijaj disagreed. He said that it is unfair and Nikki is doing all these just for footage. Siddharth then entered into the matter and asked Nikki to give up on her items. He also said that it is Eijaj who is making everyone against her. So lastly she gave up on her things.

All this was going on then the big boss calls Abhinav to ask if he will drop his immunity to bring his wife back in the home, but he refused. Then the new immunity task was introduced. Siddharth Shukla was made the owner of an Island. The task was that girls would have to come to the island and woo him. Then lastly Siddharth Shukla will decide who should continue the game and who deserves to be evicted. In this task, the girls were trying hard to woo him. While performing the task, many bold scenes came in vision that become the reason for extreme aggression among the audience. The water scenes were titled improper and shameless by viewers. Siddharth had already evicted Sara in the task that made him a saloon owner. Let’s wait to see what fierce thing is remained to happen next. Keep tuned for the latest updates.


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